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Our editorial content is not influenced by any commissions we receive. 45 games, with 42 touchdowns and 26 Predators jerseys interceptions. Search, watch, and cook every single Tasty recipe and video ever - all in one place! 3. The Eagles have worn a really beautiful throwback (2010) in their history. Less is more. The 2021 Titans will be hoping to make another Super Bowl appearance like that great Titans team did in 1999. Not the worst NFL uniform by any means, but Houston shelving its alt-red action is for the best. Nike released the Los Angeles Rams' rebranded uniforms last season. In some instances, it is rather striking. A matching helmet-pants combo, I think, makes the perfect home uniform. MetLife Stadium opened in 2010, has the largest NFL stadium capacity at 82,500, and is the home of the New York Giants and New York Jets. They are not as hideous as some of the other "worst" looks on this list, but the white helmets and bland blue tops dragged the Cowboys down a few notches when the team tried out this look. Purple is not the easiest color to make work, but the Ravens' est.-2016 purple (feat. And it reminds me of Canyon High School in Anaheim were I served as ballboy as a kid. There's a reason the Bears have not tinkered with their look in generations. Does the Giants' superior usage of red on their Eli Manning-era road uniforms outweigh the quality design scheme of the Bill Parcells years and beyond? Other franchises were moving to darker blue at this time; both the Broncos and Seahawks did so. In 2021, though, Nike chose to shake things up a smidge. Minimalism can be key to a great jersey, and these are the best Cincinnati has ever had. The random splash of red on the shoulder pads does not help Arizona's cause. Unlike their expansion brethren, the Panthershave kept their uniformsmostly the same since entering the league a quarter century ago. I always wear the Angels wings on the home opener, and then I mothball it for 364 days. Emailed daily. The team used them on select occasions in 1963, '64 and '70 and dusted them off for one throwback weekend in 1994. Until some of the current uniforms were released, the 2002-10 Bills had one of the worst uniforms in the history of football, and the, A couple times in their storied uniform history the Packers wore monochrome green, including in 1953 (and yes, they also wore, Stripes on a uniform are usually an excellent thing. Its a throwback to the great Bucs team of the late 90's and early 2000's. Rushmore NFL uniform since the orange "C" decal replaced the white logo in 1974. Here are the NFL team jerseys that should be in that category. The Bucs finally got rid of the cursed alarm clock uniforms and went back to their turn-of-the-century look, which also sparked a turnaround in the teams performance back then. follow. This alarm clock font is bad enough, but the Bucs once stood out when they took the field. This is the only acceptable Broncos answer. The blue jerseys were synonymous with Bum Phillips and Billy "White Shoes" Johnson in the late 1970s, Jerry Glanville's chaos in the '80s and Warren Moon's Run and Shoot in the '90s. 21. New Dodgers Uniforms Strike Out With Fans: 'Should've Been Los Doyers'. Thankfully for his teammates, they didn't get caught wearing this stupid thing. Sam Robinson is a Kansas City, Mo.-based writer who mostly writes about the NFL. Following the Panthers are the Cincinnati Bengals, runner-ups in Super Bowl . While teams like the Bears and Packers are praised for their traditionalism, the Chiefs do not receive enough credit for design loyalty. Whether the Ravens' current design is overrated or not, it was an upgrade from the team's Year 1 look. However, the new light blue jersey design that Nike released in 2020 was quite something. Rod Tidwell did spend most of "Jerry Maguire" in the reds, but mid-montage, there is a clip of the brooding wideout sprinting for a touchdown in the whites. Another upgrade from their weird half-colored helmets. 8 / 25. When you consider that Super Bowl XXIX could have had one of the greatest uniform match-ups of all-time, it is even more troubling as NFL attire goes (seriously, check out the highlights from that Thursday night game last season, that was awesome). Then, they debuted the new uniforms on the field, and they are DOPE. For the 2018 season, the Titans after 19 seasons since going away from the Houston Oilers' stylishlook finally changed their uniforms. The most eye-popping feature of these uniforms were the vertically striped socks. The NFL's current rule preventing teams from changing their helmet color left Washington wearing two different shades of burgundy. NFL worst uniforms: Panthers, Jaguars among ugliest in league history. The Jags ended their bold two-toned run after the '17 season, despite reaching the AFC championship game. There also have been some outfits that have widely been scorned. Boxing, the Royals and Pandora stations featuring female rock protagonists are some of his go-tos. Its certainly distinctive. July 1, 2021 12:44 pm ET. We're the Flying Elvises New England chapter. Obsessed with travel? But the AFL's 50th anniversary season brought them back. The most frustrating part is the Cowboys have a far better option for their white uniforms right in front of their faces. The 1981 Bengals drew mockery for rolling out this then-radical look, but they made their first Super Bowl that year. The jerseys were inspired by the team's uniforms from its inaugural season in 1933 when the Steelers were known as the Pirates (they became the Steelers in 1940). The best. With the 2021-22 season on the horizon, it is only right that we rank all 32 NFL teams by uniform that's helmet, logo, jersey, pants, and socks. Now, I dont have any tangible proof that uniforms impact the performance of an NFL team, but that wont stop me from making the bold claim that they do. Still the NFL's helmet kingpins, the Bengals peaked in uniform craftsmanship in the 1980s. But the readers on my my Twitter page voted this as the worst NFL uniform. These, and the green numbers and sleeve stripes, stood out for this era and earn the pick here. Blake Bortles called them ugly as hell once, and its the most accurate hes ever been. all 32 NFL teams concept helmets . Used when the team was the New York Titans from 1960-62, these hideous uniforms made a brief comeback four times from 2007-11. And their home attire spared no one, with it blanketing Seahawks players for most of Matt Hasselbeck's tenure. Say what you want about these uniforms, but there is a certain charm to this jersey. But even then, there can be a certain beauty to an otherwise ugly uniform. But more troubling is that the Eagles have some of the greatest . Final Season Stats. Not as good as the original LA Rams uniforms, but still a solid color combo that really pops. This uniform surfaced during the Packers' 15-1 season, but thankfully the brown helmet vanished henceforth. The 49ers have one of the most iconic and beautiful uniforms in all of football, but in their desire to sell more merchandise, they took their red tops and gold pants and made them all black. I feel confident saying it was the ugliest game in NFL history. Fortunately for the Browns, they pivoted back to a proven design scheme in 2020 and snapped an 18-year playoff drought immediately. The Bills playing in Orchard Park brings one of the best uniform presentations today's game offers. While the Music City Miracle and the Titans' lone Super Bowl appearance came in these uniforms, that does not obscure their low-level place in the NFL fashion hierarchy. Starting in 2022, teams will . Listen to the latest from Cards Wires Jess Root on his podcast, Rise Up, See Red. Please check your email for a confirmation. Their debut actually went pretty well. Occasionally interesting tweets @SRobinson25. Of course, the Jaguars' regular uniforms are pretty ugly in their own right adding monochrome mustard to that template is not a way to improve it. In 2003, the Lions went away from a look featuring Honolulu blue jerseys and silver helmets that the team had worn from its 1950s glory years through the Barry Sanders era. MORE: Who are the best Steelers of all-time? Thankfully, the experiment was shortlived. In 2009 the vintage helmet logo and less complicated fonts returned to San Francisco's equipment room. They are off on the right foot after a five-year uniform mistake. The Ravens uniforms need to drink more fluids. It helps when you have the NFL's most illustrious QB, Tom Brady, wearing your uniform. Be the first one to comment on this story. The most egregious is when teams with awesome uniforms ruin it by adding a black jersey. Love the color and it looks really good on the football field. An NFL uniform is arguably the most important aspect a football team has to get right, even ahead of roster construction and coaching hires. The lighter shade stayed in place for 11 seasons. LOOK: Touchdown Wire's NFL uniform rankings. Another Super Bowl run in these colors, perhaps? There's nothing wrong with the first Ravens logo, which the franchise kept for three seasons, but the team quickly realized these uniforms were a mistake. However, for one game during the 2015 season, the Ravens took it a step further and wore mustard-colored pants. The "Lions" lettering the shoulder is very unique too. These should be higher, but I'm not in love with the road uniforms or the rebrand as a whole. I always hated them not evolving their brand as a kid, but I feel like these are new and fresh while still staying true to the classics. This is a team with a great identity, from the numbers to the logo. The Packers have used this green-gold concept since 1961, with the "G" making its debut on the franchise's helmets in the first of Vince Lombardi's five championship seasons. That tends to happen when your franchise quarterback refuses to . Nearly a fourth of the NFL changed uniforms in 2020. Eagles' blue and gold. The Jets broke out green pants on the road for the first time in 1990. By 1934, both uniform sets were no longer a part of the team's identity. After an unfortunate switch from their Bruce Smith-years uniforms in 2002, the Bills made a smart correction nine years later. Its not that the gold is so bad, theres simply too much of it. One of the more obvious picks on this list. Teams change them all the time, andwhenever they do, there's a good chance they're going to mess them up. 2021-2022 NFL Playoff Bracket Predictions. I'm looking at you, Detroit Lions and Arizona Cardinals. The Rams finished on top of the NFL in 2021. He . It will be up to Joe Burrow and his teammates to now deliver the goods on the gridiron. The Lions wore their alternate black tops five times from 2005-07. 1. 2021 Fans are in the stands during the Rams vs. Chargers game at SoFi Stadium Saturday, Aug . There are a couple of things that work against the Eagles here. Nike designed a monochromatic navy blue color rush concept for the Pats. I like their uniforms. Their blue home jerseys held them back a little on this list. Please check your email for a confirmation. This looklasted seven seasons before the Vikings wised up and went with what the team currently wears. massachusetts general hospital internal medicine residency current residents,

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